Dance into Business aims at demystifying some of the concepts around employment and self-employment. It looks at different types of employment and the main stages of getting into business: preparation, planning, setting up and starting out. It explains the principals of business plans, budgets, costing, pricing, cash flow, break-even, finance, operations, and other issues that can be key components to a successful business.

Using insight from working in the dance world, Dance into Business is intended as a guide and contains helpful tips, practical examples, and points to consider, taking you through:


Choosing your options

Going self-employed

Writing a business plan

Choosing a business name

Choosing a business structure

Using financial tools

Costing your business

Setting fees

Analysing cash flow


Paying taxes

Up and running


Complying with the law

Attracting customers

Engaging freelancers

Using volunteers


Buying (or selling) a business

Whether you are about to take up employment, become an employer, start your own dance business or are already running one and thinking of expanding or selling, and want some guidance, this book is for you.


If you are passionate about dance, teaching, hard work, are driven to succeed, motivated, resilient, committed and disciplined, this book is for you.

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The types of business and laws described in this book are generally those of the United Kingdom, although similarities exist in many countries. Because of the complexity of different jurisdictions, Dance into Business can only ever be read as a guide or general overview, the examples and exercises illustrative only and readers should always seek appropriate professional advice as formal legal, accounting, or other professional advice has not been given in this book.


Although not suitable for all individuals, businesses or situations, many of the principles can be applied to other dance businesses such as productions, conferences, workshops, and course provision, or to other products and services.

"A comprehensive and detailed guide for dance teachers at every stage of their career. This book covers all aspects of financial regulation, business and legislation that will be required on the journey through the life of a dance school business."

Anne Walker MBE