July 2019:

Employment, Self-employment and Business Planning

This was the title of a 2-hour lecture given to 13 students studying on the Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma (PDTD) in London. The Diploma programme offered by the Royal Academy of Dance ® is designed for professionals making the transition from dancer to teacher. The programme is delivered over an intensive three-month period and includes practical teaching experience. Successful completion of the programme leads to award of the Diploma and eligibility for the Academy’s Registered Teacher Status (RTS). The programme is also offered in Shanghai (People’s Republic of China).


The lecture, a module of the programme, was based on  content from Dance into Business and provided the students with the following learning outcomes:


- An introduction to business terminology and contractual language in employment and self-employment


- An awareness of some of the issues within employment and self-employment


- An understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of employment and self-employment


- An introduction to business planning, tools and concepts

- An awareness of what challenges they might encounter