Testimonials and Reviews

“Drawing on over twenty-five years’ experience as the international Director of Finance of the Royal Academy of Dance, the author shares his respected professional insights and guidance on how to successfully progress a career and enterprise in the performing arts’ industry. Indeed, the book is a valuable resource for all those who want to advance the art of ‘dance into business.”  

Glyndwr Jones, Director, Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT)


“The path to a new career, beyond performance, is paved with uniquely difficult physical, emotional, practical and financial challenges for dancers. Support during this transition period is crucial. ‘Dance into Business’ is a comprehensive and practical guide for any dancer transitioning from a professional performance career and looking to enter a new field or create their own business, within or outside of dance.”

Jennifer Curry, Executive Director, Dancers’ Career Development


"A comprehensive and detailed guide for dance teachers at every stage of their career. This book covers all aspects of financial regulation, business and legislation that will be required on the journey through the life of a dance school business."

Anne Walker MBE


“Filling a need for any dancer managing, or starting up, a dance school this sensible and easily readable book addresses the whole range of legal requirements and potential pitfalls and provides sound advice on good management from start-up to sale of the business. Well worth reading." 

Hilary Kaplan and Archibald McKenzie, Alegria Dance Studios


“Available in both print and digital formats, Richard Thom’s book is intended as a guide for newly-graduated or about-to-graduate students who want to take up a teaching career. Written by a chartered accountant who was also director of finance and administration for the Royal Academy of Dance, the publication was developed out of Thom’s interaction with dance professionals, teachers and graduates, and includes invaluable sections on topics such as becoming self-employed, writing a business plan, costing your business, analysing cash flow, complying with the law, and attracting customers. Published by the Independent Publishing Network, the book is available from Amazon at £14.99 in paperback and £11.49 as an E-book.”  

Dancing Times, March 2019 Issue, Media page 111


Lucy Erridge wrote “Setting up your own business can ignite many questions, from “what research should I conduct about the current market?” to “how do I control my money?”. Richard Thom’s Dance into Business has the answers. This how-to guide provides guidance at different stages of your journey to becoming a fully licensed, up and running business owner. Using his own knowledge from working in the dance industry, Richard challenges preconceived ideas on how a business should start up and the steps that should be followed. Each chapter is filled with new tools, check lists and key ideas that should be considered when making a step towards the final goal. Richard invites the reader to answer a series of questions, each relating to a specific aspect of the business, such as customer care, recruitment and communication. By answering these questions honestly, the reader will be able to evaluate their choices and proceed accordingly, leaving no stone unturned. It is worth noting that even if you decide that being a self-employed business owner is not for you, Richard also highlights what you should expect from your employer before you sign on the dotted line. Having this knowledge prior to entering the world of commitments and contracts is essential. Instead of learning from mistakes, you will already know the dos and the don’ts. Therefore, I would recommend this book to anyone who has an idea they wish to make a reality; dance students, teachers and professionals.”

one: The One Dance UK magazine, Issue 6, Spring 2019 Book reviews page 58  


"Richard Thom’s book ‘Dance into Business’ is a welcome addition to literature on the business of dance in the private sector. Aimed at dance teachers, both newly qualified and established, the book is a comprehensive and practical how-to guide to setting up and staying in, the dance business, with key chapters on, for example, becoming self-employed, writing a business plan, costing your business, setting fees, complying with the law and buying/selling a business. Clearly structured, with plenty of examples, the book should be compulsory reading for all those aspiring to run a dance school and an aide memoire to those of us who already do. A Chartered Accountant, with decades of experience as Director of Finance and Administration at a leading dance awarding organisation, Thom reminds us that a dance school is also a business and must be treated as such. He expertly guides the reader in how to operate successfully and profitably, while also complying with a range of obligations (e.g. tax, insurance, health and safety, safeguarding). Highly recommended, ‘Dance Into Business’ is a valuable companion to dance teachers everywhere who aspire to build and sustain their businesses."

Dr Christopher Marlow, Director of Quality Assurance, UKA Dance 8 November 2019