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Testimonials and Reviews


“Highly recommended.

A welcome addition to literature on the business of dance in the private sector.

Should be compulsory reading for all those aspiring to run a dance school and an aide memoire to those of us who already do. 

A valuable companion to dance teachers everywhere who aspire to build and sustain their businesses.”

Dr Christopher Marlow, Director of Quality Assurance, UKA Dance 8 November 2019

“A valuable resource for all those who want to advance the art of ‘dance into business.”

Glyndwr Jones, Director, Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT)


"A comprehensive and practical guide for any dancer transitioning from a professional performance career

and looking to enter a new field or create their own business, within or outside dance"

Jennifer Curry, Executive Director, Dancers' Career Development

"Invaluable sections on topics such as becoming self-employed, writing a business plan,

costing your business, analysing cash flow, complying with the law, and attracting customers”.

Jonathan Gray, Dancing Times, March 2019 Issue, page 111 Media releases

“I would recommend this book to anyone who has an idea they wish to make a reality; dance students, teachers and professionals.”

one: The One Dance UK magazine, Issue 6, Spring 2019 Lucy Erridge page 58.


"A comprehensive and detailed guide for dance teachers at every stage of their career."

Anne Walker MBE


“Well worth reading.

Addresses the whole range of legal requirements and potential pitfalls and provides sound advice on good management

from start-up to sale of the business."

Hilary Kaplan and Archibald McKenzie, Alegria Dance Studios, Australia

“Great reference book for all dance business owners and teachers. 

It answers many questions that are often left grey and unclear for us all.  A helpful resource to any dance teacher or dance studio owner. A must have book for the bookshelf.”

Deborah Laws, Dance Business Lab dance business expert, consultant, examiner

author of The Ultimate Dance Business Planner 

"Teachers and students alike are loving the book.

It is being used in both National 5 and Higher Business Management classes.

Students are enjoying reading how the theory of business management translates into the real worl".

Sarah Litster, Business Studies teacher, Clifton Hall School, Edinburgh


These statements are extracted from the complete testimonials and reviews

some of which are printed in full on the back cover of the published book and under Product Description on the Amazon page

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